Concert Big Band @ Porgy & Bess / Recordings / Wat En Schlick / Outlook

Hello everyone!
here a few insights about what I am up to these days & what happened recently:

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie & Moop Mama @Watt En Schlick Fest
I’m pleased to have been invited to the Rock-Festival “Wat En Schlick” at the north sea in Germany to hear my arrangement and re-composition of Rameau’s Rondo “Les Sauvages” played by a handful of horns of the incredible brass band MOOP MAMA and not less incredible strings of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. It was not planned, but I was happy to jump in as conductor for the final performance of the piece. 🙂
Shout out to the hard working people at music swap lab ( that made it all happen and also organized workshops for humans of all ages so that we had a huge MUSICSWAPLAB-ORCHESTRA at the end 🙂 Also cheers to my new backstage-buddies Oli Schulz, Heinz Strunck, the sweeties of Bilderbuch and Ronja von Rönne 😛

Big Band Recordings in Wiener Konzerthaus Studio
Then I am super excited to return to the wonderful Studio at Vienna Konzerthaus at the end of this month to record the music that we first presented in July in a few places in Germany. Last year I was conducting Jim Rotondi’s music, that I arranged for Big Band and Symphony Orchestra in this great studio, this time I am bringing my Big Band and my all-time favourite singer Fay Claassen ( to record some arrangements and some of my music. Really a dream come true!
I am also really happy, that I can work with sound engineer Reinhard Buchta again ( – he was also responsible last year for Jim’s music being captured adequately and he did a phantastic job!
Our album then will be released in 2023. More infos on that soon.

Concert at Porgy & Bess
Directly after our recordings, we will play the music that was just captured in the studio live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna! Pass by, if you’re around – this bunch of beautiful humans has not been heard in Austria for more than 2 years and I can’t say when they’ll be back…
So mark your calendars:
September 1st – Porgy & Bess – Jakob Helling Concert Big Band featuring Fay Claassen

Fay and my Band in top form, July ’22 before our performance at Unterfahrt, Munich.
Exactly this line up will record the Album!
Photo by Lukas Diller

Then there are a few collaborations coming up, that I’d like to share.
First of all I am really excited about writing two arrangements for a new production of the wonderful singer Marianne Mendt ( Although she’s known for singing all kinds of music, her next Album will feature the softer side of the Great American Songbook and I’m thrilled to be comissioned to write two orchestral arrangements for that.

Then there are gonna happen two premieres of two new bands of mine at the “Jazzwerkstatt Shortcuts” Festival in Graz’ Stockwerk Jazzclub in November.

The first one is a large ensemble that I am forming with co-composers Viola Hammer ( and Tobias Hoffmann (, that will consist of some wonderful forward-thinking musicians of the Austrian music scene.
Here a funky shot by Simon Reithofer of the three of us.. (and someone even wrote my name at the wall !?! :)) )

The second premiere is gonna be one of a band that I might call the “RIVER BAND”. And it is the first band where I will play mostly Mellotron. We did some recordings in a smaller Besetzung quite a while ago (, now that Luis Bonilla unfortunately can’t join us, I decided that the band will consist of Gerhard Orning on trp/flgh, Karel Eriksson on trb, Hannes Oppel on tuba, Luis Oliveria on drums and me on Mellotron and most probably a little trp/flgh here and there.

Finally, there is a large ensemble coming up in 2023, that Heinrich von Kalnein ( and me formed, that will consist of some of the finest jazz musicians of the German and the Austrian jazz scene and that will have it’s debut at “jazzahead”, Bremen in2023. : Really looking forward to this one, too! This band will have Gina Schwarz on bass, Reinhold Schmölzer on drums, Hanno Busch on guitar, Sebastian Scobel on piano, Theresia Philipp on woodwinds, Alois Eberl on trombone and Heinrich on woodwinds as well as me on trumpet / flgh.

Finallyfinally, a listenig recommendation, that I come back to for months now – Paul Wiancko to me is one of the most interesting and fascinating comopsers, that I’ve heard in a long time.

(more recent recording)

(older recording, that I like a lot too)

and the most recent work of Paul’s …

Until then – Cheers,

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