Jakob Helling Concert Big Band

Live in 2019

CD-Cover Artwork by Sabine Vernere

The Jakob Helling Concert Big Band is my main project.

We played three concert in January 2019 and released them as a Live Album. Available on Vinyl, CD, Download and Stream. The official release date is January 24th 2020!

Upcoming Concerts are:

07.02.2020 JazzClub Minden (go to the Jazzclub’s event page)

08.02.2020. Jazz Schmiede, Düsseldorf (go to Jazz Schmiede’s event page)

The Album „Jakob Helling Concert Big Band – Live in 2019“ is cofinanced by SKE-Fonds / austromechana.

Some impressions from our concert in Vienna by Valerie Maltseva (January 2019)

Sax Section: Mattheew Halpin (left), Sebastian Gerhartz, Milos Milojevic and Jonas Brinckmann
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)

Jakob in his element
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)

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