Jakob Helling Concert Big Band

2022 / 2023: the band featuring Fay Claassen

In August 2022 we recorded a new program at beautiful Vienna Konzerthaus Studio that features an artist that I always wanted to work with: the phenomenal dutch singer Fay Claassen! Looking forward to release it still in 2023!

Photo: Lukas Diller

Photo: Sophia Jacoby

It takes some time to mix all the music, our sond engeneer Reinhard Buchta and I did some mixing sessions in January and March and we’ll finish it all in May. In September 2023 the music will be released via Quinton Records on CD & Vinyl!

Then I am happy to announce a small tour in the beginning of October with the “Nerds & Sweeties featuring Fay Claassen”. Not all concerts are fixed 100%, but see “Live” category for more infos about our shows at Porgy & Bess, Vienna or Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf.

The band is going to feaure:

Fay Claassen on vocals

myself on trumpet, flügelhorn, arr/comp

Matthew Halpin on tenor sax and flute

Sebastian Scobel on piano

Ivar Roban Krizic on double bass

Mario Gonzi on drums

Here some impressions from our time at Konzerthaus studio in Vienna by Simon Reithofer:

Live in 2019

CD-Cover Artwork by Sabine Vernere

The Jakob Helling Concert Big Band is my main project.

We played some concerts in 2019 / 2020 in Austria and Germany and have released a Live Album on Double Vinyl, CD, Download and Stream, that you can find on: jakobhelling.bandcamp.com/

Some impressions from our concert in Vienna by Valerie Maltseva (January 2019)

Sax Section: Mattheew Halpin (left), Sebastian Gerhartz, Milos Milojevic and Jonas Brinckmann
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)

Jakob in his element
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)
Photo by Valerie Maltseva (maltseva.me)

Lass uns zusammen etwas aufbauen.