Upcoming Gigs with “Kalnein Helling Unit ALPINE AIR” + Progress on upcoming Concert Big Band Album

Two concerts with a very special ensemble are coming up: In the beginning of 2022 some people of the german jazz fair “jazzahead!” approached Heinrich von Kalnein and myself and asked if we would co-lead an ensemble of Austrian and German musicians. Obviously we wanted to do that.. And now you can hear how this project turned out. I’m superexcited to have this stellar lineup:

Heinrich von Kalnein Tenor Sax / Flute

Silke Eberhard Alto Sax / Clarinet

Alois Eberl Trombone

myself on Trumpet / Flügelhorn

Hanno Busch Guitar

Sebastian Scobel Pianos

Gina Schwarz Double Bass

Reinhold Reini Schmölzer Drums

Concerts are:

April 24th, 20:00, tube’s Graz

April 29th, 21:45, Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen, jazzahead!

Also happy that Austrian Radio ORF will make a live recording of our Graz concert!


In case you were wondering: yes, there is progress to the new Album of my “Jakob Helling Concert Big Band” featuring Fay Claasen.

It takes some time to mix all the music, our sond engeneer Reinhard Buchta and I did some mixing sessions in January and March and we’ll finish it all in May.

Then I am happy to announce a small tour in the beginning of October with the “Nerds & Sweeties featuring Fay Claassen”. Not all concerts are fixed 100%, but see “Live” category for more infos about our shows at Porgy & Bess, Vienna or Jazzschmiede, Düsseldorf.

Here some impressions from our time at the studio by Simon Reithofer:

Finally I am working on some very interesting writing jobs at the moment, that I’ll gladly share some infos about as soon as I find the time.

Cheers from the train to Graz!

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