Welcome to my homepage!

Just to give you a small update on my recent work: I’ve been arranging Jim Rotondi‘s music for a wonderful Ensemble consisting of a Big Band (the Notes & Tones Jazz Orchestra), a 16 piece String Orchestra (with driving forces by the Koehne Quartet) and four additional wind instruments. We recorded this music in September 2021 in Viennas Konzerthaus Studios and are now preparing to get it all mixed with Reinhard Buchta.

Pic by Reithofer Media

Right after we got out of the studio I got a suprising call to write an arrangement for “Zukunftslabor” of Kammerphilharmonie Bremen – an outstanding Orchestra! They did a recording of my Arrangment of Offenbach’s “CanCan” with conducter Bar Avni in October and in the beginning of next year YOU and everybody else can be part of a huge split screen orchestra, playing with Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and being tought your part by the Orchestras members, MOOP MAMA’s horn players, Iggi Kelly or many other wonderful musicians! You don’t even have to be able to play an instrument for this – so go for it! 🙂

On top of that I started my Quintet feat. Miloš Milojević (ts/cl), Mátyás Bartha (p), Miloš Čolović (bs) & Mario Gonzi (dr) ! In November we played our debut in Vienna. Stay tuned, I’ll try to get the band playing as much as possible in 2022!

At this very moment I am writing an arrangement for my friend Matthias Schwengler and his band “Soulcrane” that features a String Quintet. Very exciting!

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